• What we call any core team member at nGen Works. Team members with specific commitments to projects and to nGen Works are able to work on internal projects and help guide where nGen will go next. They get first dibs on all incoming projects and one core team member must be on every project.


  • Specially skilled contractors that are part of nGen’s network of trusted designers, content strategists, developers, project managers, etc. They are pivotal to the success of the Jellyfish Model which involves flat teams working flexibly with core team members together on short-term projects. Friengeneers are brought in to provide additional support for big or complex projects, or to help us with our resources availability. We love them.

Jellyfish teams

  • A distributed team temporarily connected by a common vision: a group of people who are accountable to each other to get things done. They create their own system, refine their roles, and create great work while in a transparent environment.


  • A legal document outlining the process, people, and general components of the project, as well as rough ballpark of the expected budget. This document can also stand as the contract. Should be vetted by your lawyer to protect both you and the client! Include a Terms of Service Agreement whenever possible.

Scope change

  • A scope change is an agreed upon adjustment to the components, functionality, or complexity of an app or site that was initially approved in the proposal and that requires re-estimation. Scope changes need to be documented and approved by the client as soon as possible to prevent scope creep.

Scope creep

  • Any additions, substitutions, or deletions to the original scope documented initially in the discovery phase and again during the definition phase that have not been estimated or paid for.
  • Scope creep can be held in check by recording all requests and including a mandatory estimate.
  • Do not add additional scope once development has begun or you’ll delay your timeline and blow your budget.

Team lead

A role we introduced to make sure that someone always had an eye on the internal workings of the project and could offer support and a push to teammates.

  • Supporting and leading the team (making sure everyone has what they need to succeed)
  • Can be anyone on the team who feels confident
  • Oversees quality of the design and/or code
  • Ensures all internal deadlines and deliverables for product or project are met
  • Monitoring and/or involvement in discovery, definition, design, development phase
  • Attention to budget
  • Attention to milestones
  • Attention to scope