Phase Six: Delivery & Launch


Phase Summary

  • The Meeting
  • Presenting the Site
  • Training

Typical Outcomes

  • Presentation of site
  • Final tweaks to design and functionality
  • Site or app launch
  • Print materials, branding documents
  • Content maintenance plan

The nitpicks are over, the team is happy, and the app or site is looking great. It’s time to hand it off to the client for the final review before launch.

The Meeting

The team schedules a handoff and training meeting with the client. It’s a good idea to have the whole team present for the final meeting so nothing important is left out. If the budget doesn’t allow for it, make sure any recommendations or important information is relayed internally so the project manager can inform the client.

Presenting The Site

The client is provided a temporary link to the site or app where it is being hosted on a testing server. The project manager and developer walks the client through the site, the functionality, and the CMS.


Our PM and developer provide the client with CMS training. The client then spends a few days reviewing the site or app and recording any bugs or errors before providing written sign-off for launch. We make sure the client knows how to record bugs properly in Basecamp so we see them and can flatten them.


Once the client sends final feedback, tweaks have been applied to the site, and payments have been squared away, the site is ready for launch. Pull the trigger. And breathe a collective sigh of relief.

  • Developer: points the site or app to the proper domain; finalizes hosting details
  • Designer: uploads branding documents and style guide

We stay tuned for any bugs that might only show up when the site or app goes live. They’re sneaky like that. nGen Works is responsible for any bugs or errors. Anything that breaks as a result of the client working on the site is billed out separately.

This is also a time when UX may want to conduct beta user testing with a random or controlled group of users before launching to the public. The team should agree ahead of time what type of testing should take place and for how long. UX can then measure and summarize the findings, then provide the client a report with recommendations on how to approach them.

A maintenance agreement can be finalized around the same time if the site is more complex or it’s an app that needs regular releases.